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Singer/songwriter, performer, imagineerist, high C's pirate


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"Over The Clouds"

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Over The Clouds - Rick Tryon From new CD release


Rick Tryon

Great Falls, Montana singer-songwriter Rick Tryon brings a unique and authentically rich voice and style to the stage and recording studio. Combining the early musical influences of artists like Dylan, Van Morrison and Springsteen with contemporary alternative and mainstream country and modern folk lyric and storytelling, Tryon has developed a truly original sound. Whether performing classic acoustic rock and folk favorites or his own finely crafted tunes, Rick entertains by stirring up musical memories, telling musical tales and leaving audiences smiling, singing along and enjoying real and honest music like it's supposed to be...

Music for every occasion
Playing nightclubs, coffee houses, bars, backyard barbeques, private parties, restaurants, bistros, bar mitzvahs, concerts, picnics, chicken whippings, brandings, weddings and keggers...  


Acoustic classic rock, Americana and folk